Take control of your day

Take control

Faden is a productivity app with a strong focus on privacy

All in one Notes & tasks ~ all in one place
Powerful Minimalist ~ but powerful
Secure Private by design

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Faden Screenshots
Faden Screenshots
Faden Screenshots

What makes Faden special?

What makes Faden special?

Why Faden?

Notes & tasks - all in one place

Notes & tasks - all in one place

Notes & tasks - all in one place

Always stay organized

With Faden, you can take notes, write about your day, summarize books, or anything else you would use a journal for. You can also create tasks (or lists of tasks) for things that require action.

But the best part is when you combine the two: Write notes and then add tasks to them. So you always know exactly what each task was all about.

Focus on you. Not the app

We believe that productivity tools should be clutter-free and feel effortless, therefore we worked very hard to get out of your way as much as possible.

Faden helps you to focus on what you write, not the interface.

Your power organizer

Your power organizer

Never lose track of what's important

Faden has a unique "actionable item" system. As soon as you add a task to a note, the note (and its parents) will become actionable. Faden provides you a variety of methods to help you track these actionable items.

Just write things down, and Faden will help you to know what needs action.

Sometimes lists are not enough

Faden also lets you add a variety of tags to both notes and tasks. Or set bookmarks.

You can also add schedules. And not just the simple stuff like "Today," but also ranges like "Next week," e.g., when you want to work on something for an extended time.

Your power organizer
Simple but powerful

Minimalist. But powerful

Simple but powerful

Start simple

Start by writing down what you are doing during the day. Or what you want to do. Creating a new note or task is never more than one click or a shortcut away.

Scale-up infinitely

When things get messy, create sub-notes or sub-tasks. Every note - or task - in Faden can also be a list. So you can create virtually infinite hierarchies.

Faden was made from the ground up to scale and stay performant. Some of our early testers have lists with hundreds of items and love how Faden handled them.

Private. By design

Private. By design

Because your privacy matters

Your notes & tasks are only accessible to you. Sharing things can be great, but we believe that a journal is something where privacy is more important.

Your data. Your rules

Your data belongs to you. We never sell it to third parties or use it without your consent.

We also take great care to protect it from unauthorized access. We encrypt all communication with our server in transit, and all your notes & tasks at rest.

Private. By design


Find the right plan for you

Faden Essential plan
Checkmark Notes & tasks
Checkmark Set flexible schedules
Checkmark Organize with tags
Checkmark Task filters & views
Checkmark Realtime, full-text search
Checkmark Sync across desktop and mobile*
Checkmark Work offline
Faden Premium plan
$ 3 .00
per month (billed annually)
CheckmarkEverything from Essential
CheckmarkOrganize by contexts
CheckmarkSet bookmarks
CheckmarkAdvanced filters
CheckmarkAdvanced activity log + analytics
CheckmarkMultiple browser windows
CheckmarkDark mode

* Mobile apps for Android and iOS coming soon

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