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Faden is live

Faden is live

It finally happened. After more than a year of development, six alpha versions, and one closed Beta, we launched the public Beta of Faden. It was a soft launch—no big announcements, but finally allowing anyone interested to try out Faden themselves.

Four weeks have passed since then, and yielded a tremendous learning curve. These past weeks have been full of insights as well as pain, both for the early beta users as well as for us - trying to fix issues and continuously trying to improve the user experience at the same time.

We are convinced that the result is now ready for a broader audience. Faden is ready for the world. Despite our confidence that the core is mature enough for prime time, we will keep Faden in Beta for a while. The main intention is to openly communicate to our early users that some things are still open for change. But the time has come to start shaping the future of Faden based on broader feedback. To thank everyone who is trying us out during the Beta phase, we continue to automatically upgrade every new user to a free one-year Premium account.

If you are one of these early users, then I would also like to thank you personally - for both your patience with us as well as your feedback. It's easy to close an app and never open it again. With feedback like yours, I genuinely believe that Faden can become something great. A tool that you can not only trust, but also one that feels awesome to use and really helps you achieve your goals.

By the way, one request we received more often was to introduce the basic features of Faden. So we added a quick tour. New users see the tour automatically, but you can also find it on the user account page under "Help & Support." Just click on "Open tour." And if you did not yet try out the app, now would be a great time to start.

Well, I guess that's all for now. We have many more exciting things on our roadmap, but let's leave these for another time.

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