Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to create an account to use Faden?

Faden is designed to be anywhere you are and therefore works in the browser. Browsers are excellent at many things, but not to store data permanently. Without a server to sync to, there would be a high risk of losing all data (e.g., when the browser cache is cleared). It would have been possible to work without an account on mobile apps, but then you would not be able to access your data anywhere else.

Where is my data stored, and how is it secured?

While you are logged in, Faden caches your journal in the browser/mobile device. By design, it cannot be accessed by other sites/ applications. When you sync your data with our servers, we use industry-standard strong encryption when the data is in transit and stored on our database. Our servers are hosted on AWS and are currently located in the United States. We have several measures & processes in place to ensure your data stays secure.

Do you use end-to-end encryption?

No, we don't. One part is related to technical reasons when using a browser interface. The other is that we plan to offer future opt-in features, such as automated email summaries of your week. We understand if this is a deal-breaker for you, but to add some perspective: Few online services do offer this feature. Many of the largest platforms actively make money with your data. This is not us. We will not read your data and certainly not sell it. We earn money only from subscriptions. It's in our best interest to earn and keep your trust. Whenever we do use tracking, we try to be 100% transparent about it.

Do you use tracking?

Yes, we use some forms of tracking, but only when it helps us improve the app. Never for other purposes.

We use Google Analytics, but only on the landing page and not inside any of the apps. Landing page analytics help us to know who is visiting our site and how we can improve our reach. If more people use Faden, we can better invest in improving it.

To know about critical issues in the apps, we use a crash reporting service called Sentry. It does collect some contextual information about how the crash happened but no details which could tie back to you. It does NOT send us your personal content.

Other than Sentry, we use no external trackers in any of our apps.

We do, however, use our own event-based tracking system. We collect this information to know which features are being used (and which are not).

To do this, we collect:

  1. when (time of the event)
  2. where (on which screen in the app)
  3. what (which activity, e.g., clicking certain buttons or using certain features)

We only track selected activities which help us to improve the app. We do NOT track mouse movements, individual keyboard keys, or your clipboard (in case you are wondering: many websites unfortunately do).

The data is not stored per user but per session. The session only contains data such as where you are roughly located (based on the IP address you used when you logged in), in which month you signed up or if you are using a mobile or desktop client. It does not tie back to you individually. In case you are wondering why we store when the month and location: To run Faden as a sustainable business, we need a certain user base and, therefore, also use marketing. Roughly knowing the place and time helps us to focus our resources.